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Oct. 18, 2002 Contact: Jen Sisson
Tel: 330-665-5918
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New Web Site Defines Polysort’s Focus

AKRON, Ohio – In launching its redesigned web site, Polysort LLC has laid to rest its dot-com origins to better define its primary focus as a Group Purchasing Organization for the plastics industry.

The company’s transformation, which began two and a half years earlier, involved the input of customers, prospects and site users—all of whom expressed an interest in working with an industry-focused leader that could help them lower their operating costs.

“The issue wasn’t whether it should be done, but how,” said Polysort President Angela S. Charles. “Our customers had a high level of interest in participating in a concept that would help reduce their operating costs on major expenses that are common to companies in the plastics industry. From our roots in providing cost-effective Internet marketing programs, we understand the need for plastics companies to maintain their competitiveness. But a fully automated, e-business solution was not the answer. Our industry requires hands-on service and personal relationships.”

Through 2001, Polysort tested its group purchase business concept, and later that year formed its first aggregation of more than 100 million pounds of resin from companies in Ohio and Pennsylvania. In early 2002, the company chose its first strategic suppliers to begin serving the resin needs of its members.

After building and refining its new business model for the first nine months of the year, Polysort has now opened—through the launch of its new web site—its Private Resin Group Purchase to qualified plastics processors in eight states: Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and Michigan.

Polysort’s market research, which included over 150 face-to-face interviews with processors, resin producers and distributors, was pivotal in developing our group purchase model, according to Vice President Wes Gibson.

“It is important that our processor members and our suppliers equally see benefits across the board through their participation in our Private Group Purchase. Our success to date is only in part because we provide bottom line cost saving to our members and an enhanced market position to our strategic suppliers. Just like any other successful business, we are continually driven to exceed benchmark expectations for Polysort’s superior service and dependability in all aspects of the business relationship.”

The company had three goals in launching the redesigned web site:

· Appropriately re-brand the company to emphasize the value it brings to plastics processors as a Group Purchasing Organization.

· Create offerings for its resin-buying members that would help them generate new business.

· Reward the company’s long-time advertisers and users with additional useful offerings that leverage the site’s industry reach.

As a result of both member and user input, the new web site fulfills these goals.

Among the new features of the site:

- Geographic search within the Links Directory. Visitors looking for a firm in a specific geographic location can enter their zip code and search through the more than 4,000 industry links in Polysort’s Links Directory for a list of companies nearest to them.

- Keyword sponsorship. By using Polysort’s Sponsor Match program, companies can sponsor a specific word or phrase within Polysort’s Search Engine for priority placement within the listed results.

- Full Content Search. All content posted on Polysort’s site, either by Polysort or by site users is fully searchable through the site’s new search engine. This feature will help users locate information they’re seeking without having to know in which content area the information has been posted and will show users all the content areas in which relevant information has been posted.

- OEM Corner. Polysort's OEM Corner is an excellent tool for OEMs seeking processors to manufacture plastics components. The research tool includes search-and-find technology to locate and contact molders quickly and easily. RFQs for plastic parts generated from OEM Corner are e-mailed to Polysort’s resin-buying processor members for quoting.

- Expanded Links Listings. Companies advertising on the Polysort site to leverage the 35,000 visitors per month have expanded listings that provide additional contact information. These listings also receive priority positioning in Polysort’s Search Engine.

- Company News Releases. Companies seeking to promote their products and services now can post their news releases in Polysort’s new Industry Releases section. Because the news releases are archived in Polysort’s powerful search engine database, users seeking specific products or services can access the releases through Polysort’s Search Engine long after they’ve been published.

- Customized Polysort home page. No two plastics companies are quite alike. And neither are their information needs. Polysort members now can select the con

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