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Feb. 20, 2003 Contact: Jen Sisson
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Polysort adds OEM Corner feature to web site

AKRON, Ohio – Polysort LLC, a Group Purchasing Organization for the plastics industry, has unveiled a new online tool that allows original equipment manufacturers to quickly and easily find processors to manufacture plastics components.

The research tool—OEM Corner—allows OEMs to request quotes on their projects or gather more information from Polysort member processors by completing a single online form.

“Because Polysort's primary membership is comprised of companies that mold or process plastics components and other semi-finished goods, our site is one of the best places to come to when seeking new suppliers,” Polysort President Angela Charles said.

OEM Corner offers a straightforward, three-step process:

1. An OEM completes an online Request for Quote form, outlining their product needs, including dimensions and delivery date.

2. Before sending the request, the OEM previews the list of processors to whom it will be sent, and pares down the list to meet their own requirements.

3. The request is then e-mailed to the appropriate plastics processor firms. Each processor responds to the request individually, opening the door for further communication with the OEM about the product request.

“The inspiration behind OEM Corner is really to help OEMs find molders in a way that’s easy for them. They don’t have to spend a lot of time contacting each processor individually to explain their needs and get quotes,” Charles said. “With this tool, they can send out requests and processors can come to them.”

To use OEM Corner, visitors must be Polysort Members. There is NO COST for membership, and Polysort members can gain access to additional content areas of Polysort such as Member Forums and online Classified and Help Wanted Ads.
To register as a Polysort member, go to http://www.polysort.com/join_polysort.aspx.

OEM Corner marks the latest addition to Polysort’s plastics and rubber industry web site, which was redesigned in October 2002. The site (www.polysort.com) also features:

- Geographic search within the Links Directory. Visitors looking for a firm in a specific geographic location can enter their zip code and search through the more than 4,000 industry links in Polysort’s Links Directory for a list of companies nearest to them.

- Keyword sponsorship. By using Polysort’s Sponsor Match program, companies can sponsor a specific word or phrase within Polysort’s Search Engine for priority placement within the listed results.

- Full Content Search. All content posted on Polysort’s site, either by Polysort or by site users is fully searchable through the site’s new search engine. This feature helps users locate information they’re seeking without having to know in which content area the information has been posted and shows users all the content areas in which relevant information has been posted.

- Expanded Links Listings. Companies advertising on the Polysort site to leverage the 35,000 visitors per month have expanded listings that provide additional contact information. These listings also receive priority positioning in Polysort’s Search Engine.

- Company News Releases. Companies seeking to promote their products and services now can post their news releases in Polysort’s new Industry Releases section. Because the news releases are archived in Polysort’s powerful search engine database, users seeking specific products or services can access the releases through Polysort’s Search Engine long after they’ve been published.

“We’re very happy to add OEM Corner as yet another tool to help bring together companies in the plastics industry,” Charles said.

About Polysort
Polysort, founded in 1995, is a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) serving the plastics industry. The company's member services include its Private Group Purchase program for qualified plastic resin processors, a public online resin trading program serving the general plastics industry of buyers and sellers, industry news and information, networking venues, and web marketing programs to help plastics industry businesses better implement their online marketing strategies.

For more information, contact Polysort at (800) 326-8666 or visit www.polysort.com.

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