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July 30, 2003 Contact: Angela Charles
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Plastics, rubber companies leverage Search Engine positioning

Go to Google and type in “high performance elastomers.” The top result out of more than 31,000 web pages is that of Bayer’s Therban product with a web site optimized by Polysort. Type in “polybag machines.” The No. 1 result is Weist Industries, also a client of Polysort’s Web Marketing division. Bayer and Weist are just two of many plastics and rubber firms that have discovered the marketing power of search engine positioning for their web sites.

“Playing the Search Engine Game.” That’s how the Wall Street Journal, in a recent special report, described the concept of getting your company’s web site positioned high enough on the major search engines for it to be found.

More than 620 million searches are conducted on search engines each day. Of Americans that use the Internet, 92 percent use search engines to locate specific products or services. If your site is not showing up within the top 3 pages of results for keywords important to your business, those people using search engines likely will never get to it.

Earning a top spot on the major search engines doesn’t happen by chance. When competing for prime search engine real estate against the 2 billion other web pages out there, it takes well-crafted content and knowledge of search engine rules to achieve top positioning. This is best achieved by working with a company that specializes in Search Engine Optimization.

Polysort has provided Search Engine Optimization services for plastics and rubber industry companies for more than 5 years. The results Polysort achieves for its customers are tangible and significant. Clients whose sites have been optimized receive a significant amount of traffic from the top search engines, including Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL.

View some examples of the results Polysort achieves at http://www.polysort.com/marketing/search_engine_results.aspx.

For more information about Search Engine Optimization, contact Wes Gibson at 800-326-8666 ext. 119 or fill out a short form at http://www.polysort.com/marketing/marketing_form.aspx for a free Search Engine Analysis of your site.

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