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November 18, 2004 Contact: Angela Charles
Tel: 800-326-8666

Ideas for making your company's web site 2005-ready

The end of the year is a great time to take stock of your web site's performance and plan new content or updates that will make your site a stronger marketing vehicle for your company.

Aside from correcting out-of-date contact or product information, there are a whole range of features to consider adding to your site, including:

  • A list of links to the web sites of important clients, vendors or resources: The linked sites can pop up in a new window, allowing your own web site to remain on the person's computer screen. Listing links to other relevant sites can help give your site a boost on the search engines. Example: Association of Rotational Molders

  • On-line edition of company newsletter: Polysort can code the newsletter in html or you can provide the document in a PDF, whatever works best for you. If many of your clients are already on-line, moving to an electronic newsletter can be a great way to save on printing and mailing costs. Example: Akron Chapter of the Society of Plastics Engineers

  • Property charts, material data sheets, other technical information: You can increase the value you provide to clients and prospects by giving them the technical information they need the most. PDFs, provided by you, are usually the most efficient way of posting this information. Example: I. Stern & Co.

  • A news or resources page: This could be updated monthly or bi-monthly. The info could range from product specials to processing and maintenance tips to whatever you think your clients and prospects would find useful. Example: Ashley Polymers

  • Conversion charts: Yet another way to show clients and prospects the value you bring to your relationship with them. Example: Modern Plastics

  • A foreign language page or section: This, naturally, would be in the language used the most by your international clients. What better way to demonstrate to overseas customers that you're sympathetic to their concerns and needs? Example: Jomar Corp.

  • Calendar of events: Make sure your clients and prospects know what trade shows and meetings you'll be at -- and what training events you're hosting.

  • Technical papers: Demonstrate the lead your company takes in its field by posting the papers your staff presents at trade shows and technical meetings. Example: E-BEAM Services

  • Performance Keyword Review: Is your web site content targeting the keywords your customers and prospects would use to find you? Sometimes, company lingo is assumed to be the same as the terminology used by your intended audience, when in fact, there might be other terms or synonyms that more commonly are used to seek your products and services. Polysort can conduct a Performance Keyword Discovery program to determine whether your site is targeting the terms that would generate the most and best qualified traffic and leads.

Contact Polysort at 800-326-8666 or fill out our form for a review of your site and assistance in identifying the best strategy to improve your web site's performance.

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