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January 9, 2004 Contact: Angela Charles
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Make E-mail Security Your 2004 Resolution

Security analysts have declared 2003 as the worst year for spam and malicious e-mail viruses and warn that future attacks are likely to wreak even more damage.

A long way from the days when mischievous hackers tested their ability to dramatically impact the delivery of e-mail through a barrage of denial of service attacks, 2003 marked the change to far more malicious attacks as viruses rendered airline systems, ATM machines and 911 lines helpless. Infrastructure attacks caused billions of dollars in damage and clean-up costs.

Unfortunately, analysts say, virus writers, who previously unleashed their code to make a name for themselves have now found a new motive – profit.

"Viruses and worms are being written now for financial gain," said Steve Sundermeier, vice president of products and services at Central Command Inc., in a recent interview with eSecurityPlanet.com. "They're prodding users, or phishing, for credit card information, bank account information, Social Security numbers. The worms are better disguised because they've upped the ante since they're writing for criminal purposes now... It makes it a lot harder to fight."

While in-house hosting of company e-mail previously provided efficiencies in the use of computer resources, it’s now potentially the doorway to serious corporate vandalism.

As you set your priorities for 2004, put e-mail security at the top of your list. One of the best ways is to outsource to a trusted vendor.

Polysort provides secure and reliable e-mail hosting for companies in the plastics, rubber and packaging industries. For more information, go to http://www.polysort.com/email.aspx or contact Janet McNeill at [email protected] or call 800-326-8666 ext. 131.

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