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July 10, 2006 Contact: Angela Charles
Tel: 800-326-8666

Leverage Vertical Directories for Better SEO

Even with the newest developments in Google’s search ranking methods, being listed in online vertical business directories still pays off.

The major search engines continue to find value in links from credible, trusted directories. The best directories usually evaluate web sites for relevance before including their links – the search engines know this, trust their methods and reward the companies listed with higher rankings.

But how do you identify a trusted directory in which your company web site should be listed? There are several factors to consider:

· Can the search engines follow the link from the directory to your site?
· Do the search engines even crawl and index the directory?
· Is it a directory or category that’s related to your business?
· What is the directory’s overall quality?

One way to determine the value of a specific directory is to see whether the directory appears high enough on the major search engines to deliver your site additional qualified traffic. Type in keywords relevant to your business and see if the directory you’re considering is listed.

For example, if you go to Google, and type in plastics machinery, one of the results on the first page is for the index of machinery categories in Polysort’s links directory. This information tells you that the links directory for Polysort is indexed and well-ranked by Google, making it a credible directory in the search engine’s opinion.

For assistance in developing a link strategy or for more information about including your company’s link in a high-profile location on Polysort, contact John Inama at 800-326-8666 ext. 24 or fill out the form located at http://www.polysort.com/marketing/marketing_form.aspx.

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