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Sept. 30, 2008 Contact: Angela Charles
Tel: 800-326-8666

SEO a no-brainer for plastics, rubber firms

In our experience of building and optimizing web sites to perform on the major search engines like Google and Yahoo, gaining top positioning for important keywords isn’t really that difficult for most plastics and rubber companies.


Because for the most part, a majority of companies in the industry – your competitors -- haven’t search engine optimized their web sites, making top positioning a wide open opportunity for the companies that take Internet marketing seriously. Most of the plastics and rubber sites currently displayed on the first page of Google got there by chance, and easily could be replaced by competitors that properly optimize their sites.

A successful approach to search engine ranking entails the following components:

  • Keyword research – Does your site focus on the terms that your site visitors and prospects would use to find you? This element can have the most dramatic impact on your ability to increase the amount and quality of traffic to your site.
  • Search engine optimized site content – Does your site content appropriately focus on the keywords that Internet users type in to find sites like yours? And, does your site provide enough technical detail to turn prospective buyers into good leads?
  • Search engine optimized site coding – Is your site constructed to enable search engine robots to fully index your site? Do your site’s meta tags appropriately support selected keywords and optimized content?
  • Incoming links – How many good quality 3rd party sites link to your site? Do you have an ongoing strategy for posting news releases, articles, photos and videos on 3rd party sites that can drive traffic and link authority for your site?

With 95 percent of Internet users worldwide saying they use search engines, and 62% saying they’ll go no further than the first page of results on a search, isn’t it time your company took advantage of this tremendous opportunity?

To learn more about how your site can be optimized for better search engine performance, contact John Inama at 800-326-8666 ext. 2104 or fill out this form.

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