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Feb. 2, 2011 Contact: John Inama
Tel: 330-665-5918
E-mail: [email protected]

2011 to Be "Year of Marketing"

BtoB’s “2011 Outlook: Marketing Priorities and Plans” survey found that as many as 51.9% of companies plan to increase their 2011 marketing budgets and 78.5% of responding marketers will be increasing their online marketing budgets specifically.

What does this mean for you?

Even if your 2011 marketing budget is already set, how you allocate that budget may still be up for discussion. With many of your competitors ramping up their online marketing presence, it’s now more important than ever that your company do the same. It used to be enough just to have a company website but now you’ll need to make sure that your website is search engine optimized. (It also helps if it’s structured sensibly and has a professional look and feel!)

Moderate Investments in SEO = BIG Results

It’s true, you have to spend money to make money and a professional search engine optimization and website design company may not be cheap, but when you consider the costs compared to the costs of, say, attending a tradeshow or sending out direct mail, suddenly the expense seems more manageable.

Whereas a direct mail campaign only works if your recipients read your letter and your tradeshow investment only pays off if the right prospects visit your booth, an investment in your website can have a lasting impact. Optimize your site for the right keywords and you can be available 24/7 to other companies that want to do business with a company just like yours.

How to Get Started

That’s the easy part. A reputable search engine optimization firm can help you evaluate your site to see where its strengths and weaknesses are and recommend programs and services to help you catch up and surpass other companies in your industry.

For help with your 2011 online marketing plans, contact John Inama at [email protected].

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