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Aug. 23, 2012 Contact: Angela Charles
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Industrial companies using SEO marketing have big advantage in search engines

AKRON, OH (August 23, 2012) -- To invest or not invest is the question many businesses face each year when it comes to their website. A new report by SEO company Pilot Fish, a division of Polysort LLC, shows that companies that do not maintain SEO marketing activities harm their website rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

The Akron, Ohio, SEO company conducted a study of business websites that had maintained organic SEO marketing activities throughout 2012 vs. businesses that had previously optimized their sites but had not done any additional optimization in the past year or more.

Companies that don’t keep up with organic SEO marketing for their sites will find that prior work has lost its effectiveness as the sites lose Top 10 SEO rankings, the report shows. Meanwhile, companies that do invest in continued SEO marketing will find that their sites maintain a high level of performance despite algorithm changes and increased competition for keywords.

The results are startling. Company websites that participated in what Pilot Fish calls “sustained success” SEO marketing saw the number of #1 SEO rankings on Google rise 18% in 2012. By contrast, businesses that had previously optimized their sites but elected not to continue the work in 2012 saw their #1 rankings decline by 30%.

“That’s nearly a 50% swing in performance in just one year’s time,” said Polysort/Pilot Fish President Angela Charles. “What it shows is that companies cannot be complacent once they’ve reached the first page of Google. They need to continue creating valuable content for site visitors and seek out appropriate inbound links in order to stave off their competition.”

For businesses relying on search engine rankings for site traffic, allowing their results to drop can have tragic effects. According to Optify, the #1 website ranking on Google will generate 36.4% of the keyword’s click-throughs. The top three ranked sites garner 58.4% and the Top 10 get 89% of all click-throughs.

An examination of Top 30 website rankings on Google showed a similar trend. Those that continued SEO marketing work in 2012 had 8.3% more listings in the Top 30 results on Google. Meanwhile, those sites that did not continue regular SEO work during the year showed a 14.2% drop in the number of Top 30 Google listings.

“What’s interesting about these numbers is that this analysis compares sites that were similarly optimized and were all performing well in 2011,” said Pilot Fish SEO President Angela Charles. “The difference was that the one group continued with the optimization work we recommended, while the other group did not.”

Charles cited three reasons for the drop in Google rankings among the second group of sites:

  • Increased competition for keywords among businesses that are becoming more search-engine savvy;
  • Changes to Google’s algorithm that favor sites that are updated regularly with high-quality content;
  • And, increased emphasis on inbound links as a component of search engine ranking algorithms.

The report also analyzed changes in Top 10 performance on Google, Yahoo and Bing and provides tips on how to create quality fresh content for business websites. Read the full SEO marketing report at Pilot Fish’s website.

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