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  Akron Dispersions
Dispersions, emulsions, grinding and blending.

  American Colors Inc.
Offering fine quality pigment dispersions, including proprietary
formulations in epoxy, plasticizer, polyester and urethane, along with
superior technical capability, allowing for formulation management in custom
color matching, maximum pigment efficiency and viscosity flexibility.

Americhem is a world-class manufacturer of custom masterbatches, additive masterbatches, and specialty dispersions for the plastics industry.

  Ampacet Corp.
Produces color and additive
concentrates for the plastics industry.

  CCC Plastics
Distributes engineering and commodity resins in Canada along with manufacturing operations providing custom formulated color and additive concentrates as well as compounds.

  Chroma Corp.
Compounds and has capability of processing nearly all thermoplastics. Products include custom dry colors, pellet concentrates, precolored compounds, additive masterbatches,
contract and rotational molding compounds.

  Clariant Corp.
Makes pigments for printing inks, paints, decorative paints, and plastics; also makes special colorants and waxes.

  Color Communications Inc.
Makes a host of colorants and pigments for a variety of markets.

  Colors For Plastics Inc.
Manufactures full line of thermoplastic colorants and are ISO 9002 Certified.

  CPM Industries, Inc.
Specializes in selling rutile and anatase titanium dioxide pigments for use in plastics, rubber, coatings, inks, adhesives and sealants to customers throughout North America. Website contains Product Data Sheets.

  CRC Polymer Systems Inc.
Distributor for Resin, Compounding and Color
suppliers to assure a complete polymer system for your application needs, and provides on site plastic training and technical support.

  Ferro Corp.
Producer of specialty materials, including coatings, colors, ceramics, chemicals and plastics.

  G.H. Chemicals Ltd.
Manufactures french process zinc oxide for the rubber industry, as well as various other industries.

  General Color & Chemical Co.
Standard and non-dusting dry color and color concentrates for the global plastics industry.

  Holland Colours Americas Inc.
Develops innovative colouring systems for the plastic and coating industry.

  Lanier Color Co.
Produces custom colorants and offers full color matching, sampling, and testing services.

  National Plastics Color Inc.
Specializes in the compounding of resins, additives and pigments.

  Nubiola USA/ Delta Colours
Located in Metro Atlanta Georgia, Delta Colours, Inc. is a leading supplier of color pigments and color effects for plastics, coatings, construction, and other industrial manufacturers.

  Perfect Colourants and Plastics Pvt. Ltd.
Since 1987 has delivered quality products that meet the complete coloring requirements of polymer processors. Today the PCPPL range covers a wide spectrum of quality products such as CONCENTRAâ„¢ brand color & additive master batches.

  Pidilite Industries Ltd
Produces adhesives, sealants, and pigments

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