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  American Precision Products
Injection, compression and transfer molders of thermoplastic and thermoset plastics.

  Composite Technologies Co.
Supplies reinforced virgin and recycled thermoplastic products. Compression-molds plastic components for sporting goods, automotive, signage, point-of-purchase displays, industrial and consumer applications.

  CPI Binani, Inc.
Utilizes compression and transfer molding of composite thermoplastics for the transport packaging, recreational vehicle, watercraft, and industrial markets. We specialize in large parts (up to 120 lbs.) requiring high performance.

  Crown Plastics
Manufactures thin gauge UHMW polyethylene with the unique process of continuous compression molding providing a bondable form for a variety of markets including automotive, material handling, food processing, agriculture and sports.

  Custom Rubber Corp.
Responsiveness ~ From Design to Delivery. Design assistance and manufacturing of quality molded rubber products, all manufactured to customer specifications. All types of materials, applications. Certified to ISO9001:2000, including design.

  Hadlock Plastics Corp.
Supplies custom molded reinforced thermoset composites with compression molding being their primary process.

  High Tech Elastomers Inc.
A custom molder which specializes in rubber to metal bonding.

  HyComp Inc.
Supplies custom molded polymer composite and custom compression molded thermoset parts; manufactures high temperature resins; manufactures WearComp®, WearComp®200, and FibreComp® lubricating bearings, and Carestone® Roll Polishers.

  KDL Precision Molding Corp.
Offers custom rubber moldings, specializing in silicone, fluorosilicone, and fluorocarbon as well as other types of synthetic rubber.

  Lavelle Industries, Inc.
Supplies custom and standard molded parts using rubber, tpe and plastics with in-house tool & design capabilities, ISO 9002 and ANSI/NSF 61 certified as well as manufactures and distributes its own line of plumbing parts.

  Mac Divitt Rubber Co. LLC
Full complimentary house. Custom molded and extruded rubber manufacturing, including large profiles. Products designed specifically for you. With experience in the industry since 1964, we can recommend cost effective solutions.

  Mar-Bal, Inc.
Headquartered in Chagrin Falls, OH, is a compounder and molder of Thermoset composites. Mar-Bal serves the appliance, electrical, transportation and industrial marketplaces from their four facilities in North America.

  Osborne Industries, Inc.
Custom production molding by RTM, RIM, RRIM, SRIM, & pour casting of reinforced, unreinforced, & foamed thermosets including polyesters, polyurethanes, & hybrids. Large, structural engineered parts. CNC 5-axis finishing. ISO 9001.

  Penn Compression Molding Inc.
Provides compression, transfer and injection molding including insert molding, hand molding, drilling, tapping, riveting, asembly and a proprietary line of high and low voltage stand-off insulators for rail and electrical applications.

  Polyply Composites Inc.
Compression molds using SMC and BMC polyester fiberglass systems.

  PTI Inc.
Provides injection and compression molding using both thermoset and engineering grade thermoplastic compounds as well as offering many secondary operations including assembly, painting and hot stamping.

  Q&D Plastics Inc.
Offers injection, compression and transfer molding of engineering thermoplastics and thermosets, including silicone. Specialize in small runs for prototypes but are capable of handling production of large quantities and provides in-house secondary operations capabilities such as drilling, tapping, painting and assembly.

  Reliance Engineering
Reliance Engineering is a specialized custom compression molder of Thermoplastics and Thermoset Plastic Materials. Reliance focuses on demanding applications that require high temperature plastic materials and very close tolerance molding.

  Rubber Processing Management
Develops and prototypes molded thermoset rubber products using productive processing methods leading to production improvements.

  Snider Mold Co. Inc.
Supplies medium to large size compression, injection, structural foam and RIM molds.

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