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  A.R. Eng. Machine & Tool Inc.
Our specialization includes the manufacture of complete Blown Film extrusion lines as well as Blow Molding machines. With over 20 years of experience, we manufacture new equipment as well as rebuild or repair existing equipment.

Designs, engineers and manufactures single screw extruders.

  American Extrusion Services, Inc.
American Extrusion Services, Inc. (AES) offers TOTAL EXTRUSION SERVICES that include: Extruder rebuilds (Partial & complete), Upgrades, NEW Extruders, NEW Barrels, Feed Screws (NEW & REBUILT), Gearbox (Rebuilds & Replacements) and Control panel (Replacements & Upgrades). ON-SITE SERVICES that include: Borescoping, Barrel & Feed Screw measuring, PM inspections, Installation and Equipment evaluation (In your plant or ours).

  Axon Plastics Machinery AB
Designs and manufactures mini-extruders & production-extruders, complete extrusion lines and extruder dies as well as mixing machines, silicone-rubber extruders and up-stream and down-stream equipment for extrusion processes .

  Barwell Global Spares and Servicing
Supply equipment and Barwell spares for the Rubber Industry. These include: Ram Extruders, Preformers, Cold Feed Gear Pumps, Tyre Retreading, Cryogenic Deflashing , Vibracools and Industrial Microwaves.

  Berlyn ECM Inc
Designs and manufactures standard and custom plastics processing equipment, extruders, extrusion systems and components, including screen changers, air strippers, pelletizers, water baths, dies, rebuild existing equipment, spare parts and service.

  Chase Machinery Ltd.
Supplies all kinds of plastic pipe and sheet extruding machinery, such as PEX-AL-PEX multilayer composite pipe line, Cartonplast sheet extruding line, PVC foam core layer pipe line, double wall HDPE pipe line, EVOH-pex pipe line, and plastic carpet and mat processing line.

  Cherng Horng Machinery Co., Ltd.
Taiwan based, leading manufacturer of plastic film and plastic bags, provides Blow Film Machine, Film Extrusion Machine, Flexo Printing Machine, Plastic Bag Making Machine, Stretch Film Rewinder Machine.

  China Haitaisheng Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Specializes in pipe extrusion lines, sheet and profile extrusion lines, and plastic recycling machinery.

  CME Plastics Inc.
Manufactures a 25 capacity slide box to hold glass slides. Supplies die and mold cleaner.

  Corma Inc.
Manufactures primary extrusion and auxuliary equipment for the plastic corrugated pipe industry.

  Davis-Standard Corp.
Designs and manufactures extrusion systems and process controls for all thermoplastic and elastomer processes.

  Dual Spiral Systems Inc.
Designs and manufactures blown film lines, plastic extrusion equipment and systems for the packaging industry, specializing in multi-layer coextrusion dies and feed screws.

  Eagle Co
Supplier of complete plastic extrusion equipment and systems for the production of pipes, profiles, sheets, films, etc.

  Entek Extruders
Provides twin screw extruders, screw and barrels for all major brands.

  Farrel Corp.
Designs, supplies, installs and supervises entire systems including extrusion processing lines for compounding solutions to the plastic and rubber industries.

  Futuresoft Technologies Inc.
Specializes in plastics extrusion technology by manufacturing extrusion screws and dies, extensional flow mixers and CAE extrusion engineering tooling, processing design and analysis.

  Genca Corp.
Extrusion equipment for thermoplastics and thermosets.

  Hutcheon Inc.
World wide supplier of used plastics processing machinery, specializing in, but not limited to, complete turn-key extrusion sytems for profile and compounding, new extrusion tooling and startup assistance.

  J R Dare Ltd.
Suppliers of new, second-hand and refurbished machinery to the rubber and plastics industries, including extruders, presses, mills, mixers, calenders, vacuum molding presses.

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