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  A&C Plastic Products Inc.
Distributor of plastic sheet, carries hard-to-find colors and large sizes in stock. Polycarbonate, acrylic, twin-wall, corrugated and more.

  A-Pac Manufacturing Co.
Makes a variety of poly bags for the packaging industry and provides custom and stock tubing and sheeting.

  Aikpak Plastics
Supplies stock thermoformed blister and clamshell packaging along with blister and clamshell sealing equipment.

  Alameda Packaging
Provides packaging resources to the personal care, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries including decorating needs as well.

  All Seals Inc.
Full-line stocking distributor for non-standard seals and make-to-print rubber parts. Distributes O-rings, Minnesota quad-rings, hydraulic seals, U-cups, piston cups, wipers, lathe cuts, Teflon products and more.

  American Trading Co.
Trades materials for the plastics industry. Buys and sells plastics of all types and forms, and trades in BOPP and PET rolls.

  Ampak Distribution Inc.
Stocking distributors of glass, plastic and other packaging components and provides asssistance for custom designing packages, including labelling and decoration.

  Boedeker Plastics Inc.
Stocking distributor for wide variety of engineering and industrial plastics.

  Curbell Plastics Inc.
Distributor of plastic sheet, rod, tube, adhesives and sealants.

Offers a vast line of laminated plastic products such as partitions for sanitary spaces, commercial wall lining, bars of protection, panels of walls for squash and racquetball, handrails and moulded elements.

  Four Star Plastics
Wholesale distributor of plastic bags and packaging materials, including trash can liners, stretch/shrink film, bubble wrap and tape.

  Green-Tek Inc.
A converter, fabricator and distributor of packaging materials, greenhouse coverings, thermal glazing and materials handling products.

  Harrington Industrial Plastics
Largest distributor of industrial plastic piping in the United States, with more than 15,000 products.

  Holbourne Industrial Plastics Ltd.
Distributors and converters of engineering plastics which includes machined laminate sheet, rods, tubes and stamped components along with electrical and mechanical insulation materials, and flexible gasket and sealing products.

  Industrial Plastics Ltd.
Distributor of acrylic, polycarbonate, ABS, PVC and other sheet plastics.

  Johnston Industrial Plastics Ltd.
Distributor of plastic sheet, rods and tubes since 1942 with four locations across Canada.

  Konrady Plastics, Inc.
Volume distributor of plastic sheet, rod, and tube specializing in machined plastic parts.

  Laird Plastics Inc.
Distributes sheets, rods, tubes,
films and related plastic products.

  LPC World Inc.
Provides the graphics industry with lenticular sheet materials, technical support and training and consulting services.

  Mold Unlimited Inc.
Stock distributor of over 600 molds, injection and blow molding machinery, auxiliary equipment, mold cleaners, silicone, resin, bag sealers, and temperature controllers.

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