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  Chromalox Precision Heat and Control
Manufactures electric heaters and heating equipment including process heaters, strip heaters, ring heaters, cartridge heaters, screw plug heaters, immersion heaters, circulation heaters, radiant heaters, heat trace systems, temperature controllers.

  Fast Heat Inc.
Supplies the heating element industry with turnkey hot runner systems, electronic temperature controls, and electric heating elements.

  Gortite Division of A&A Manufacturing Co. Inc.
Manufactures custom engineered flexible protective covers for any type of application or environmental condition.

  GTS Energy Inc.
Designs and manufactures oil and gas fired thermal fluid heater systems, energy systems for board plants and high-pressure steam generation systems for industrial applications worldwide.

  Hix Corporation
Manufactures heat transfer machines, flock heat transfers, letters and numbers, and textile or graphic screen printing equipment which includes printers, curing dryers, spot heaters, exposure units, and screen frames.

  Industrial Energy Resources Inc.
Providing customized Energy Covers component insulation to control your energy costs and improve worker safety around hot molds, dies and barrels.

  Industrial Heater Corp.
Manufactures a variety of heaters for industrial processing.

  MOR Electric Heating Assoc., Inc.
Stocking distributor of heaters, controls and accessories including the Salamander-brand ceramic infrared heating elements and ceramic radiant panels.

  Procedyne Corp.
Supplies high temperature fluid bed retort furnace systems, chemical reactors, process gas preheaters and heat exchangers, and engineering services.

  Process Thermal Dynamics Inc.
Manufactures electric infrared heaters, prewired controls, and infrared systems used in a range of industrial heating applications.

  Research, Inc.
Manufactures auxiliary equipment such as infrared-based heating systems, SCR-based power control systems, along drying systems for the printing industry.

  Tempco Electric Heater Corporation
Supplies electric heating elements for a wide range of industrial, commercial, scientific and medical applications.

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Protective Lining Corp:
manufacturers of polyethylene film and related products for custom packaging
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