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  3C Interglobal
Is a Western owned and managed custom manufacturer with capabilities in pultrusion, injection molding, hand layup and stone processing among others.

  A&J Industries L.L.C.
Builds molds and supplies custom injection molded products and components with inhouse capabilities for prototyping as well.

  Aberdeen Technologies, Inc.
Supplies small insert molded parts of exacting critical tolerances in the medical, electronics/electrical and automotive industries with mold tooling design and fabrication, product development and prototyping services.

  Accurate Injection Molds
Provides aluminum prototype tooling and custom molded parts for the automotive, medical, electronic, computer and appliance industries.

  Advanced Engineering & Molding Technology Inc.
Custom injection molds using thermoplastics, thermosets, and elastormers with inhouse design, engineering, moldmaking, sonic welding and assembly capabilities.

  Agap√© Plastics Inc.
Supplies custom injection and insert molding with in-house mold making capabilities.

  Airlite Plastics Co.
Injection molder of containers and lids for more than 50 years. Offers complete package design and printing capability.

  AK Industries Ltd.
Supplies injection molded products with a range of services from design detailing through to full product finishing to a variety of markets such as technical consumer products, aerospace & defence, automotive, electronic, laboratory & pharmaceutical, packaging.

  Akron Porcelain & Plastics Company
Provides custom molding and assembly of ceramic and plastic components with in-house services including hardware, painting and finishing.

  Alliance Precision Plastics
Supplies thermoplastic injection molds and injection molded precision plastic parts along with value-added in-house secondary services for a wide range of industries including medical products and equipment, business machines, electronics, photographic apparatus, leisure products, automobiles and appliances.

  Altek Inc.
Custom manufacturer specializing in engineering design and building of precision molds, plastic injection molding, ultra sonic welding, pad printing, painting as well as precision machining and assembly.

  American Foam Products
Supplies functional foams and fabricated foam parts with services including packaging design, vacuum forming trays and inserts, molded foams, profile extruded polyethylene, anti-static and conductive parts and secondary services.

Offers injection molded plastics parts, precision machinery.

  ATS Automation Tooling Systems Precision Component
Produces complete turnkey precision injection molded components from tool building, design, prototyping, automation integration along with contract manufacturing for the automotive, medical, thermal and microelectronics markets.

  Austro Mold Inc.
Supplies custom injection molded products along with in-house capabilites for injection mold design; mold building, tryout, and repair; secondary finishing and assembly.

  Available Plastics
Supplies PVC custom extrusions, injection moldings, protyping capabilities, and fabrication expertise.

  Avedon Engineering Inc.
Provides custom designing, mold making, and injection molded high pressure and structural foam thermoplastic parts with secondary and finishing operations.

  B.J. Plastic Molding Co. Inc.
Supplies custom and stock injection molded boxes with in-house secondary services capabilities.

  Basilius, Inc.
Design, mold building and custom injection molding. Secondary operations and component assembly.

  Bemis Manufacturing Company
Supplies injection molded and extruded parts along with product and tool design services to a select group of industry segments.

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