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Supplies measuring instruments and quality control systems for the plastic bottle, container and preform industries.

  Alliance Test Equipment Inc
Buys, sells, and consigns, electronic and optical used test equipment

  Arizona Instrument Corp.
Manufactures and sells the Computrac line of moisture analyzers.

  BLH Electronics
Manufacturer of process weighing and web tension measurement systems; precision load cells, "Expert" series instruments/transmitters, system calibrators, tension transducers and SR-4 strain gauges.

  C.W. Brabender Instruments Inc.
Manufactures testing equipment designed for measuring and recording viscosity, consistency, thermal stability, plasticity, rheology, extensibility, and processability, of various polymers.

  CDS Analytical Inc.
Producer of sample introduction instruments that extend the range of GC, MS and FT-IR through concentration and thermal technologies.

  Cober Electronics Inc.
Makes microwave heating elements for labs.

  Cole-Parmer Instrument Co.
Makes laboratory and test equipment for the research and technical industries.

  Com-Ten Industries
Manufactures task-oriented compression and testing equipment.

  Corporate Consulting Services
Provides laboratory instrumentation and equipment, calibration services, instrument repair, and technical consultation.

  Cosa Instrument Corp.
COSA INSTRUMENT CORPORATION is a national distributor of leading analytical and process control instrumentation. COSA’s 20 plus years of application expertise translate into reliable, affordable solutions for a wide range of industrial applications.

  Dakota Ultrasonics Corp.
Manufactures industrial ultrasonic testing equipment typically used for measuring the thickness of various materials where access to only one side of the test piece is available.

  Ektron Tek. Co. Ltd.
Manufactures Rubber Industrial Test Instruments.

  Electronic Development Labs Inc.
Supplies industrial/commercial temperature test and monitoring equipment.

  Forward Technology
Designs and manufactures plastic bonding, leak testing, precision cleaning equipment for a variety of industries and applications.

  Harris Instrument Corp.
Harris Instrument Corp designs and manufactures high-resolution length and width measurement systems, hole detectors and web guide control systems. Patented electro-optical sensor technology.

  Hunter Associates Laboratory, Inc.
Designs and manufactures color measurement instrumentation systems.

  Instron Corp.
Instruments and systems to evaluate the mechanical properties of rubber, polymers and other materials and performance of components in tension, compression and fatigue.

  Instru-Met Corp.
Supplies re-manufactured and fully upgraded load frame test equipment. Also provides service, support, training, calibration, parts and accessories.

  InterTech Development Co.
Manufactures turn key automated systems for leak and functional testing.

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