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  Athena Controls Inc.
Designs and manufactures digital and analog temperature control instrumentation for applications in the process industries worldwide, ranging from plastics and packaging to food and pharmaceuticals.

  Budzar Industries, Inc.
Designs, engineers, and manufactures temperature control systems for the production of chemicals, petroleum, plastics, rubber, paper, power, steel, food, and pharmaceuticals.

  Current Midwest
Distributor for new, surplus, and reconditioned electrical equipment and cooling towers.

  Delta Cooling Towers Inc.
Auxiliary equipment manufacturer of cooling towers for any application as well as servicing the environmental markets with air stripper systems for voc removal from process water and groundwater remediation.

  Delta T Systems Inc.
Manufactures water and oil circulating temperature control auxiliary equipment mainly for the plastics industry.

Manufactures temperature and process controllers, indicators, power controllers, acutators, sensors, recorders and allied units.

  Fast Heat Inc.
Supplies the heating element industry with turnkey hot runner systems, electronic temperature controls, and electric heating elements.

  Hope Group (The)
Equipment distributor of Ingersoll-Rand compressed air products; Parker-Hannifan hydraulic, filtration and seals; and many other industrial use products.

  Logic Corporation
Founder & Inventor of the Logic Seal (1977), Vac-U-Temp & Cluster Valves. We are the leader in negative pressure cooling, temperature controllers and all patented processes that are derived from negative pressure.

  Marshall Wolf Automation Inc.
Distributor for automation, temperature, motion and industrial products.

Supplies cooling and heating systems designed to control process temperatures in plastics, die casting, chemical and food processing applications.

  Omega Engineering Inc.
Designs and manufactures products for measurement and control of temperature, humidity, pressure, strain, force, flow, level, pH and conductivity.

Manufactures auxiliary equipment such as temperature control machinery including steam control products such as pumps and valves; scrap recovery systems, and automation equipment- materials handling for injection molding machines.

  Tantus Corporation
The experts in providing cost effective cooling solutions. We can also assist in equipment layout, pipe design, installation and start up.

  Thermal Care
Manufactures process cooling equipment for industry worldwide. such as engineered temperature controllers, portable and central chillers, cooling towers and pump/reservoir tanks.

  Whaley Products, Inc.
Chillers, portable and central cooling towers, FRP open and closed loop systems, process cooling, heat transfer systems and pump tanks. Complete system design and manufacturing since 1993.

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