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  ACL Staticide
Manufactures and markets anti-static sprays, static detection meters for the plastics fabrication industry.

  Alan Ross Machinery
In over 52 countries Alan Ross Machinery supplies the world's scrap processors, recyclers and waste handlers with machinery needed to compete and win. Low prices on inventory of used/new machinery.

  Arlington Plastics Machinery
Buys and sells new and used plastics machinery including injection molders, thermoformers, granulation equipment, extrusion equipment, rotomolders and blow molders.

  Berg Chilling Systems Inc.
Designs, manufactures and installs industrial refrigeration systems.

  Brown Machine LLC
Manufactures thermoformers and components, offering a wide range of machines, machine update kits, tooling, parts and service for a variety of end markets.

  Bunting Magnetics Co.
Manufactures a complete line of Drawer Magnets, Magnetic Metal Separation Equipment, and Metal Detector-Separators that sense and remove ferrous contaminants during processing or recycling applications. PowerTrac™ modular aluminum-frame conveyors are ideal for handling plastic parts.

  Carter Day International, Inc.
Manufactures a processing systems line of stainless steel dewatering, drying, cleaning equipment for the plastics industry.

  CHA Industries
Makes a wide range of coating equipment for the packaging industry.

  Change Parts Inc.
Makes precision made changeover parts for a variety of machines.

  Chemineer Inc.
Designs and manufactures standard and customized fluid agitation equipment and systems.

  Cloeren Inc.
Designs, engineers and manufactures customized feedblocks, single- and multi-manifold dies and accessories for virtually any application.

  Coil Technologies Inc.
Ultrasonic controls and winding equipment for manufacturing and industrial processes.

  Coretec Corp.
Manufactures corona treating equipment
for both conductive and non-conductive materials, resulting in making it receptive to inks, coatings, and adhesives with system-matched high frequency power supplies and power density controls.

  Current Midwest
Distributor for new, surplus, and reconditioned electrical equipment and cooling towers.

  Danda Engineering Inc.
Equipment manufacturers representative for new and remanufactured injection molding equipment, and secondary equipment such as temperature controllers, materials handling, water manifulds, flow meters, and others.

  Datco Inc.
Manufactures hot melt adhesive roll coaters for packaging applications.

  Davey Industries Inc.
Supplies Used, rebuilt and new rubber machinery, including presses, hot and cold feed extruders, calenders, mills, banburys, cutters, lab equipment and miscellaneous items.

  Delta Cooling Towers Inc.
Auxiliary equipment manufacturer of cooling towers for any application as well as servicing the environmental markets with air stripper systems for voc removal from process water and groundwater remediation.

  Despatch Industries
Manufactures batch ovens, continuous ovens, furnaces, and chambers for industrial and clean process applications.

  EquipNet, Inc.
Is the world’s leading provider of used equipment and instrumentation, proactive asset management services and solutions for large and small corporations, as well as equipment/ machinery appraisal services.

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