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  A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp.
Manufactures a complete line of secondary packaging machinery such as case erectors, case sealers, automatic case packers, case palletizing and bottle handling systems.

  About Packaging Robotics Inc.
Manufactures robotic package handling systems engineered to open, fill, transport, seal, code and label a variety of premade pouches and bags for the medical, industrial and food industries.

  Accu-Seal Corp.
Manufactures heat sealing machinery.

  Accutek Packaging Equipment Co., Inc.
Makes packaging systems for filling, capping, labeling and conveying bottles.

  Acrison Inc.
Offers a line of volumetric and gravimetric feeders.

  Aikpak Plastics
Supplies stock thermoformed blister and clamshell packaging along with blister and clamshell sealing equipment.

  Algus Packaging, Inc.
Manufactures blister and clamshell packaging equipment and supplies custom and stock thermoformed blisters, clamshells, trays, and bifolds products as well.

  Aline Systems Corporation
Manufactures shrink wrapping and tube sealing equipment.

  All-Fill Inc.
Designs and manufactures filling, feeding, and checkweighing equipment.

  American Fuji Seal Inc.
Supplies in-mold plastic labels (IML),
beverage and food labels, shrink labels and provides rotogravure, flexographic, UV flexographic and offset printing capabilities along with label packaging equipment as well.

  American-Newlong Inc.
Builds robotic palletizers, automated packaging systems, portable bag closers, pinch bag closers, heat sealers, stitchers/sewing machines and bagmaking/shopping bag machines.

  AMS Filling Systems Inc.
Makes a broad range of auger fillers including in-line, rotary and net weighers.

  Axon Corporation
Manufactures equipment for the application of heat-shrinkable tamper evident bands, sleeve labels and multi-packing.

  Belco Packaging Systems Inc.
Makes shrink packaging equipment, blister sealing equipment, medical tray sealers, shrink wrapping and blister sealing materials, and parts and supplies.

  Burford Corp.
Manufactures bag making equipment along with related machinery for custom printing, closure systems, inspection, spraying systems, and adjustable, electronic control toppers for coverage you need to meet production requirements.

  CAMPAK, Inc.
Makes a wide range of packaging equipment including blister packaging, cartoning, and shrinkwrapping.

  Combi Packaging Systems
Is a leading manufacturer of custom packaging equipment. With 30 years of experience in the packaging industry, Combi offers a wide range of innovative solutions from simple hand packing systems to complete end of line integration.

  Corman Bag Co. (CBC)
Makes paper and plastic bags, in addition to conveying and weighing machinery.

  Cozzoli Machine Company
Makes cleaning, filling and closing systems for the packaging industry.

  Creative Automation Co.
Designs and manufactures automatic, programmable fluid dispensing machines for benchtop and in-line applications, including prototyping, low to medium volume manufacturing, and mass production.

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