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  ACL Staticide
Manufactures and markets anti-static sprays, static detection meters for the plastics fabrication industry.

  ASACLEAN - Sun Plastech Inc.
Sun Plastech Inc. manufactures and distributes ASACLEAN Purging Compound. The company serves thermoplastic injection molders and extruders across North and South America.

  Axel Research Laboratories Inc.
Produces mold release agents, including MoldWiz® and XTEND™, and processing aid additives, cleaners and sealants for the plastic and rubber industries.

  Camie-Campbell Inc.
Produces adhesives, silicone lubricants cleaners & degreasers, and other specialty chemical products for a variety of industries including screen printing, injection molding.

  Chem-Trend L.P.
A global organization with a singular focus of formulating and manufacturing premier release agents for use in the general rubber, tire, polyurethane, composites, thermoplastics and die casting industries.

  Claude Bamberger Molding Compounds
Supplies Bamberko and Ultimax Purging Compounds for all thermoplastic molding materials used to clean injection cylinders and extrusion barrels without scratching equipment.

  Composition Materials Company
Manufacture POLY-CARB VII media for cyrogenic and ambient deflashing applications. The perfect problem-solver for deburring and deflashing rubber and plastic components without risk of surface damage.

  Cryogenic Institute of New England, Inc.
Provides deflashing & deburring services and equipment to plastics manufacturers. The purpose of these processes are to remove residual burrs and flash created during manufacturing.

  Dicronite Dry Lube
Makes and distributes film lubricant and mold release agents as well as coatings for plastic and metal applications.

  Durex Industries
Manufactures cast-in electric heaters and temperature sensors to all industries which require a custom built heat source or temperature measurement device.

  Dyna-Purge division of Shuman Plastics, Inc.
Manufactures thermoplastic purging compounds engineered to boost productivity and lower purging costs by cutting downtime and reducing scrap. Cleans on the first pass; 10 grades for injection molding, extrusion, and blow molding.

Provides safe cleaning solutions to the polyurethane industry. These products are used to remove both cured and uncured forms of polyurethane materials including foams and cast elastomers.

  Energy Strategy Associates, Inc.
Distributor NanOsil ASD colloidal silica processing aid injection molding cycle time 22-32% reduction in PP, filled/unfilled Nylon, PBT, and ABS at <1.0% loading.

  Freeman Mfg. & Supply Co.
Manufactures and distributes supplies for patternmaking, moldmaking, foundry and prototyping to the automotive, aircraft and heavy-equipment manufacturing industries essential for producing master tooling and pre-production prototypes.

  G.H. Chemicals Ltd.
Manufactures french process zinc oxide for the rubber industry, as well as various other industries.

  Mann Formulated Products
Manufactures custom mold release agents that are environmentally compatible.

  Maxi-Blast Inc.
Manufactures non-abrasive plastic blast media and blast cleaning equipment used in mold cleaning, injection screw cleaning, paint and coating removal, deburring and deflashing.

Purging compounds for material/color change and degradation removal in injection, extrusion and blow molding.

  Paratherm Corp.
Manufactures non-toxic, heat transfer fluids.

  Petro-Canada Fluids
Manufactures CALFLO Heat Transfer Fluids.

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