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  CB Mills Division of Chicago Boiler Co.
Red Head Still for in-house solvent recycling.

  Erema North America Inc.
Supplies North American markets with complete systems specifically designed to reprocess a wide variety of plastic materials.

  Gala Industries Inc.
Manufactures and markets underwater pelletizing systems, centrifugal dryers, tempered water systems, control/power panels and recycling equipment.

  Granutech-Saturn Systems Corp.
Manufactures machinery for the scrap metal recycling industry including crushers, shredders designed to accept a broad range of materials for any waste reduction requirement, and balers.

  Hosokawa Polymer Systems Inc.
Manufactures granulators, pulverizers and auxiliary equipment for the plastics industry.

  Infrared Fiber Systems Inc.
Manufactures the PlastiScan a compact instrument for sorting plastics and carpet fiber for recycling.

  MSS Inc.
Manufactures automated sorting systems for
plastics, glass, paper, metals, and more.

  Orenda Automation Technologies Inc
Designs and manufactures size reduction equipments like Pulverizers/ Micronizers and Granulators. From the last 20 years we have served industries like polymers, plastic recycling and others.

  Polymer Recovery Systems, Inc.
Manufactures recycling equipment/systems such as wash systems for upgrading rigid post-consumer or post-industrial plastic to ancillary equipment such as air classification systems, bale feeders, conveyors and float-sink tanks.

  Process Control Corporation
Supplies systems and machines for blending, extrusion control, scrap recycling, and pneumatic conveying systems for the plastics extrusion industry.

  Rapid Granulator Inc.
Manufactures granulation equipment and completely integrated recycling systems for the plastics industry.

  Size Reduction Specialists Corp.
Manufactures screenless granulator equipment.

  SSI Shredding Systems, Inc.
Designs and manufactures size reduction technology systems with high quality shredders, balers and compactors.

  Sterling Systems
Provides material conveying and material separation systems for use in all fields of plastics, chemical, food, paper, and other industries.

  WEIMA America, Inc.
WEIMA has been offering size reduction systems to the plastic industry for over 20 years. We offer both hopper-fed and horizontal units that are customized for your specific application.

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