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  B&G Products LLC
Manufacturer and service provider (repairing and rebuilding machinery worldwide) for the PET bottle industry.

  CNC Parts Dept., Inc.
Parts for Motionmaster, DMS, Quintax and other brand name CNC routers. We have many hard to find parts and custom manufactured parts.

  Dixie Industrial Supply Inc.
Manufactures custom or pre-fabricated pins for use as dowels, reamers, gauges, drills, punches, alignment pins in jigs and fixtures, extrusion pins for rivets, core pins, mandrels, pinions, ejector blades, cold heading pins and guides.

  Gates Albert Inc.
Screw machine parts for the electronic, automotive, medical and other high-volume users.

  Hope Group (The)
Equipment distributor of Ingersoll-Rand compressed air products; Parker-Hannifan hydraulic, filtration and seals; and many other industrial use products.

  Industrial Energy Resources Inc.
Providing customized Energy Covers component insulation to control your energy costs and improve worker safety around hot molds, dies and barrels.

  Jackson Machinery Inc.
Specializes in equipment to the blow molding industry with their own proprietary lines of new continuous extrusion and accumulator head blow molding machines and offers used and refurbished ones as well.

  Makino Die/Mold Technologies
Global provider of advanced machining solutions in motor vehicle, aerospace and die/mold industries.

  Markperi International
Offers new and rebuilt Radio Frequency (RF) Electronic Sealing Equipment along with stocking common and hard-to-find RF replacement parts and accessories.

  Milacron North America
The Plastics Group manufactures injection molding and blow molding equipment, extrusion systems, mold bases, mold-making equipment and mold components, aftermarket and MRO (maintenance, repair and operating) parts and services.

  Molding Resource Inc.
Provides repair and maintenance to primary and auxiliary equipment including preventive maintenance, oil testing program, processing assistance, control retrofits, emergency repairs, custom training, and automation integration services.

  Myers Vacuum
Manufactures centrifugal high-vacuum distillation systems for heat sensitive materials as well as specializing in the manufacture and repair of vacuum gauges.

  PFA Inc.
Specialty locking and braking cylinders and modular automation components.

  Plastic Services & Equipment
Distributes parts, accessories, and services for the plastic molding industry as well as manufacture, rebuild, screws and barrels for injection and extrusion molders.

  Polyshot Corp.
Design and manufactures runnerless injection molding systems including manifolds, controllers, multitips, valve gates, rail systems and heated sprue bushings.

  Precision Specialties
Manufacturers and distributors of threaded fasteners for plastics.

  Rubber City Machinery
Rebuilder of polymer processing machinery, including mills and presses.

  SIMCO Industrial Statis Control
Manufactures static control products such as Ionizing air guns, blowers, nozzles for thermoforming/injection molding/fabrication; static elimination bars for film extrusion; web cleaning systems.

  Spirol International Corp.
Produces metal components for a wide variety of uses, including threaded inserts for plastics, pin inserters, insert drivers, vibratory parts feeders and more.

  Thermoformer Parts Supplier
Specializes in replacement parts and kits for most brands of cut sheet and roll fed machinery in the thermoforming industry.

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