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  Acros Pvt. Ltd.
Provides thermoforming and plastic fabrication for skylighting systems.

  Aikpak Plastics
Supplies stock thermoformed blister and clamshell packaging along with blister and clamshell sealing equipment.

  Algus Packaging, Inc.
Manufactures blister and clamshell packaging equipment and supplies custom and stock thermoformed blisters, clamshells, trays, and bifolds products as well.

  Alloyd Co. Inc.
Supplies custom thermoformed plastic packaging, form tooling, heat seal and RF tooling, and blister packaging machines and systems.

  Amcor Closures
Produces PET packaging products,thermoformed dairy and food containers, plastic squeeze tubes, flexible packaging products and plastic closures for beverages, edible oils and a variety of specialty applications.

  American Foam Products
Supplies functional foams and fabricated foam parts with services including packaging design, vacuum forming trays and inserts, molded foams, profile extruded polyethylene, anti-static and conductive parts and secondary services.

  Andex Industries, Inc.
Designs, thermoforms, provides stock tools and prints a range of custom thermoformed blisters, blister cards, clamshells, insert cards and skin packaging board.

  Aristech Acrylics LLC
Produces seamless continuous cast acrylic sheet for a variety of industries and applications...from bathtubs, hot tubs, shower units and whirlpools...to signage, exterior cladding, skylights, boat products and kitchen sinks.

  Arrowhead Plastic Engineering
A custom vacuum former (thermoformer) and fiberglass molder and fabricator, specializing in molding fiberglass and plastic parts for OEM's in the Midwest and South eastern United States.

  Asheville Thermoform Plastics Inc.
Supplies custom plastic thermoforming from designing, tooling, fabricating to completion of product.

  Associated Thermoforming Inc.
Custom thermoformer that specializes in technically demanding applications using the latest heavy gauge thermoforming technology available.

  AVC Corp.
Designs, fabricates and assembles metal, composite and plastic components and structures for the global aerospace market.

  Capco Plastics
Supplies custom thermoformed packaging products including standard blisters, clamshells and trifolds serving the electronic, medical, automotive and toy manufacturing industries.

  Containerware Inc.
Supplier of microelectronics packaging and small parts handling.

  Criterion Packaging Ltd.
Supplies high frequency welded and vacuum formed products including in house design, sampling and screen printing.

  Curd Enterprises Inc., dba Multiplastics
Supplies thermoformed and injection molded plastic products as well as providing design and engineering capabilities.

  Desco Plastics Inc.
Supplies vacuum & pressure forming,fabrication, in house tooling and mold making; prototype & production runs.

  Fabri-Kal Corp.
Supplies custom and stock thermoformed plastic products serving the food, beverage and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

  Fiber Pad Inc.
Produces custom fiberglass and vacuum formed plastic products for OEM manufacturers.

  Fitzpak Inc.
Custom thermoforms for the packaging industry.

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