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Polysort's OEM Corner is an excellent tool for OEMs seeking processors to manufacture plastics components. Our research tools include search and find technology to locate and contact molders who service a wide variety of industries, including automotive, packaging, appliances, building and construction, electrical, electronics, lawn and garden, consumer products, medical, toys, sporting goods and more.

Because Polysort's primary membership is comprised of companies that mold or process plastics components and other semi-finished goods, our site's one of the best places to come to when seeking new suppliers.

We offer two methods by which you can find plastics processors to quote on your projects:

·    OEM Corner Quote Request Form - This enables you to request a quote on your project or gather more information from all Polysort member processors by filling out a single form. Before sending your request, you can preview the list of processors to whom it will be sent and pare down the list to meet your own requirements.

(Please note: To participate in this RFQ program, you must first register as a Polysort Member . If you are not currently a member, you will be prompted to join by selecting the OEM Corner Quote Request Form above.)

·    Geographic Search - To narrow your search to processors located in a specific region, use our geographic search function in our Links Directory to find qualified companies and fill out the "Request More Information" form located in their listings.
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