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· 1/8/2016 - What successful B2B SEO results look like:B2B websites can get the benefit of great SEO results by following a few basic principles
· 6/15/2015 - Polysort celebrates 20th anniversary of Internet marketing excellence:Polysort is celebrating its 20th anniversary as the first online portal for the plastics and rubber industries, with a rich history of Internet marketing excellence that predates the launch of Google.
· 3/30/2015 - How Much Should Your Company Spend on Online Marketing?:With 73% of industrial buyers using the Internet to research products and services before making a purchase, it's important that plastics and rubber companies spend an appropriate amount on their websites and Internet marketing to generate those leads.
· 8/23/2012 - Industrial companies using SEO marketing have big advantage in search engines:Manufacturing and other industrial businesses that implement search engine optimization (SEO) for their websites generated an 18% increase in #1 results on Google for keywords important to their businesses within the last year, according to a report by Pilot Fish, the SEO division of Polysort LLC.
· 2/7/2012 - SEO, Mobile, Online Advertising: Time to loosen up those ad dollars for some tactical spending:Now that it looks like the economy is finally picking up, it’s time to think about the best way to make some impact in the marketplace with your ad spend. Here are some practical ideas for plastics and rubber industry companies that give your business high-impact results through SEO, mobile sites and online advertising.
· 2/2/2011 - 2011 to Be "Year of Marketing":
Industry surveys show companies across the boards are increasing their marketing budgets in general and their online marketing budgets in particular.

Polysort is already helping rubber and plastics companies get the most from their Internet marketing budgets. Click on the headline above to learn how you can benefit, too.
· 6/22/2010 - Chemiplastica Taps Polysort for Inaugural Website:When Chemiplastica was ready to create its first-ever global website, company officials wanted to make sure the site properly conveyed Chemiplastica's rich history and outstanding capabilities yet still performed on the search engines to drive traffic and leads. To meet all of those goals, they turned to Polysort.
· 9/17/2009 - Montachem invests in new site with Polysort:Montachem executives knew their web site needed an update. They were looking for a professional, clean presentation and a site that would perform on the search engines to drive traffic and leads. That's when they turned to Polysort to develop a new web site. Click on the headline above to read more about Montachem's new site.
· 8/10/2009 - Strategies for SEO Success:Polysort President Angela Charles gave a presentation at NPE '09 in Chicago on "Strategies for Search Engine Success." Learn more about how to position your company's web site to perform on Google, Yahoo and Bing for increased traffic, leads and sales. This slide presentation provides complete detail on the key aspects of search engine optimization, including Keyword Research, SEO Copywriting, best practices for web site programming and Link Building. Click the headline above to view the presentation.
· 5/6/2009 - SEO Delivers Search Engine Placement, New Customer for Plastic Bag Manufacturer Champion Plastics:Despite having invested in a new website design, Champion Plastics discovered its web site was nowhere to be found on Google. Plastics and rubber industry web design and SEO firm Polysort took over the project, fixing the technical problems that had impeded performance and optimizing the site’s content. It worked. The site now performs on many keywords and Champion Plastics signed a new customer within weeks of completing the project.
· 4/6/2009 - Polysort President to Address SEO Strategies at NPE:With 87% of business-to-business buyers saying that they rely on search engines for research related to purchasing decisions, it’s imperative that companies have web sites that rank well on search engines for keywords important to their business.

On June 24, Polysort LLC President Angela Charles, will discuss “Strategies for SEO Success” at the “Business of Plastics” Conference at McCormick Place, Chicago, during NPE 2009. Click here for more details.

· 12/4/2008 - SEO Goal for 2009: Link, link, link:Most plastics and rubber companies have come to understand the importance of good content in getting their web sites ranked on search engines like Google and Yahoo. But, there's another very significant factor that comes into play: incoming links. How many your site has and the quality of them are hugely important. Read more about developing your company's incoming link strategy for 2009.
· 10/3/2008 - SEO a no-brainer for plastics, rubber firms:With 95% of Internet users saying they utilize search engines, making sure your company site is set up to perform on the keywords important to your business is a simple decision. And, the opportunity for first-page position on Google and Yahoo is wide open as most plastics and rubber companies have yet to implement search engine optimization.
· 4/21/2008 - Polysort Designs, Optimizes Indiana Polymers Website:Polysort LLC has created a new website with greater functionality and an updated look and feel for Indiana Polymers, a supplier of commodity thermoplastics and reprocessed resin.
· 4/16/2008 - Polysort Staff Tapped for SEO Seminars:Polysort staffers Angela Charles and John Inama will represent the company's Pilot Fish search engine optimization division in speaking at two marketing events on how to use search engine optimization to improve your company's web site performance. See article for full details.
· 10/16/2007 - Firestone Polymers Debuts New Site:Synthetic rubber and thermoplastic elastomers supplier Firestone Polymers debuted its new web site at the International Rubber Conference and Expo, Oct. 16-18 in Cleveland.
DID YOU KNOW... 76.5 percent of people are more influenced by a quality Web site from an unfamiliar business than a poor web site from a well-known brand. Contact Polysort for help in improving your site for customer conversion.
· 6/4/2007 - Publishing plastics, rubber news on Polysort yields Internet-wide visibility:Plastics and rubber companies are invited to post their press releases on Polysort's new Press Release Center. Posting your company press release on Polysort not only gives your business targeted visibility to Polysort's more than 50,000 plastics and rubber industry site visitors, but also generates Internet-wide visibility via Google.
· 5/15/2007 - Keys to Successful Web Site Marketing:Polysort President Angela S. Charles gave a presentation on April 30 to members of the Rubber Division of the American Chemical Society on the keys to good web site design and search engine optimization. View the Rubber Division presentation.
· 2/13/2007 - Polysort President Launches Blog on SEO, Web Design:Polysort President Angela Charles has launched her own personal blog to share thoughts and ideas about website design and search engine optimization.
· 7/10/2006 - Leverage Vertical Directories for Better SEO:In addition to making your web site search engine-friendly via proper coding and strong content, search engines also will rank your site by how many incoming links it has from outside credible sources, like vertical business directories. Read more about how to leverage vertical directories for better SEO by clicking on the headline above.
· 5/1/2006 - POST YOUR NPE 2006 NEWS:Polysort, the oldest and most popular portal for the plastics and rubber industry, has added a discussion forum for companies to post information about their NPE exhibits. Use the orange "Member Forum" button in the left-hand navigation bar to post your company's NPE news or to view the announcements of companies exhibiting at NPE.
· 4/18/2006 - Advertisers Benefit from Traffic Upswing:Traffic to Polysort.com reached a high of more than 50,000 visitors in January, with more than 26,000 click-thrus in January going to the web sites of companies advertising on Polysort. For more information on how to advertise your company’s website on Polysort for more qualified leads, call 800-326-8666.
· 10/17/2005 - Online Marketing Activity Begets Sales Activity:It’s not what you spend on your company's web site that matters, it’s where you spend to get your site in front of the right type and number of eyeballs. In addition to promoting your site through mainstream trade media, you’ll also need to consider ways to drive traffic to your site while your targeted prospects are already online. In addition to optimizing your site to perform on the major search engines, it’s pretty important to have your site listed with the most popular industry sites.
· 3/3/2005 - After 10 years, Internet and Polysort self-sustaining marketing tools:The Internet no longer needs help from other forms of media to get its job done. Internet users not only are comfortable using search engines, they expect search results to yield the companies they seek. If you’re still relying on your business cards, letterhead, direct mail and print ads to drive prospects to your web site, it’s time to re-evaluate your strategy and emphasize the medium your prospects are using. Read more.
· 11/18/2004 - Ideas for making your company's web site 2005-ready:Now's a great time of the year to take stock of the performance of your web site and plan new content or updates to maximize the site's lead-generation capability. Read on for ideas that will make your site more useful to prospects and customers.
· 8/23/2004 - Analysis confirms validity of web site lead generation:A recent analysis of the web site traffic and leads of plastics and rubber company web sites demonstrates that well-written, professionally designed sites are successful at generating qualified sales leads. Read more about the findings in this exclusive, Polysort-conducted report.
· 7/8/2004 - Polysort Expands Industry News Coverage:Plastics and rubber industry Internet pioneer Polysort LLC has expanded its coverage of global industry news to provide greater access to business stories provided by daily newspapers, trade publications, news wires and government publications.
· 3/1/2004 - Make Internet Spending Part of Your 2004 Marketing Strategy:A survey by the Dieringer Research Group showed that the Internet has become the fastest growing medium for finding products and services. The report says that 40% of U.S. Internet users have changed their opinions of brands due to information they gathered online. Furthermore, 85% of those said their information came from company web sites. To take advantage of this growing trend, you’ll need to make sure your site is positioned where qualified prospects will see it.
· 2/6/2004 - Is Your Web Site Ready for 2004?:Now that the Internet is an accepted mainstream business tool, it's important that you place increased emphasis on your web site. Here are some tips to get you where you need to be in 2004.
· 1/20/2004 - Make E-mail Security Your 2004 Resolution:Security analysts have declared 2003 as the worst year for spam and malicious e-mail viruses and warn that future attacks are likely to wreak even more damage. Find out how you can protect your company's computer systems in 2004.
· 7/30/2003 - Plastics, rubber companies leverage Search Engine positioning:Go to Google and type in “high performance elastomers.” The top result out of more than 31,000 web pages is that of Bayer’s Therban product with a web site optimized by Polysort. Type in “polybag machines.” The No. 1 result is Weist Industries, also a client of Polysort’s Web Marketing division. Bayer and Weist are just two of many plastics and rubber firms that have discovered the marketing power of search engine positioning for their web sites.
· 2/20/2003 - Polysort adds OEM Corner feature to web site:Polysort unveils a new online tool that allows original equipment manufacturers to quickly and easily find processors to manufacture plastics components.
· 1/3/2003 - Polysort official receives national exposure:In spotlighting various successful Kent State University alumni, Kent State Magazine recently featured a personality profile on Polysort President Angela S. Charles, highlighting her nearly 15-year career in the changing plastics industry.
· 11/19/2002 - New Web Site Defines Polysort’s Focus:In launching its redesigned web site, Polysort LLC has laid to rest its dot-com origins to better define its primary focus as a Group Purchasing Organization for the plastics industry.

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